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Simultaneous interpretation

This type of translation is performed orally and has less stringent requirements compared with written translation. Correspondingly, oral translation has additional unique difficulties.

First of all is lack of time: the interpreter should be speaking simultaneously (simultaneous interpretation) with the speaker or immediately afterwards (consecutive interpretation). There are thus several intellect processes taking place at the same time: hearing, perception, understanding and translation. It is worthwhile to note that during consecutive interpretation the interpreter prepares an oral translation in parallel with the actual speech, after which the interpreter only reproduces it.
Besides, oral translation of texts would not allow the interpreter to correct the translation; therefore, it is necessary to take great care during the interpretation process.

Interpretation services

Simultaneous interpretation is a relatively young style of translation and is the most difficult. Only highly skilled and widely experienced interpreters are able to do simultaneous interpretation effectively. Our Agency offers you such expert professionals. Simultaneous interpretation has less stringent requirements due to the inherent difficulty of such oral translation. In addition, simultaneous interpretersdo not translate without a break for more than half an hour as a rule. Usually they interpret for 15-30 minutes, and then take a short break.

Finally, anything but simple, interpretation is bilingual interpretation. While doing a bilingual translation, the interpreter must be able to switch promptly from one language to the other, speaking both languages fluently. One should note that each party frequently brings its own interpreter to negotiations to eliminate the risk of misunderstanding.

In addition, interpretation is classified under translation. One should also specify technical and legal translation, economic and medical translation, etc. Every sphere has its own specific peculiarities and the interpreter must both speak the language perfectly and specialize in a given area of expertise. The interpreter who provides oral translation services should understand the subject and be aware of terminology and set phrases.

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