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Written translation of various subject matters

The written translation services we offer include an urgent translation too. Urgent translation involves dividing documents between several translators. Specific processes and technologies are used to control the quality in order to provide uniformity of the text and applied terminology; afterwards our technical editors edit the entire order. We provide as high of a translation quality as possible under an urgent translation request.

Translation of contracts

Translation of contracts is coupled with some characteristic features of doing business. The translator should understand precisely what the contracting parties mean by a particular concept. It so happens that a term widely used in one area of business, has an absolutely different semantic meaning in some other sphere of business.

Literary translation

A literary translation is conducted under a more complex scheme. After the interpreter completes the translation, the text is given to the artistic editor. The artistic editor should bring the text to conformity with the original both literally and stylistically.

Legal translation

Legal translation, as a rule, is carried out by the Agency’s experts in jurisprudence. The wrong comma may change the semantic meaning of the document. Legal translation is given, as a rule, to the most skilled translators.

Medical translation

Medical translation is not believed to be a special type of translation. As a rule, the terms used in the medicine are Latin terms. The idea of medical translations is not to be mistaken in translating the essence of the text.

Technical translation

Technical translation, as a rule, should be done by an expert in that specific field. However, it is rather difficult to find an expert in particular subjects who is capable of performing a written translation professionally. It is better to combine the work of a translator with the work of a technical editor here.

Translation of documents

Translation of documents presents no particular difficulties at all. It is necessary just to translate all terms and specifications used in the document from one language into another precisely and quickly. Thus, one should remember, that each foreign term has an exact translation into Russian. Sometimes, it is necessary to use loan translation.

Translation of manuals (instructions)

The written translation of instructions does not have many differences from the translation of documents. As a rule, illustrations matter in instructions and the key is where to place the text: above illustrations, or to one side or another.

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