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Written translation

The written translation services we offer include an urgent translation too. Urgent translation involves dividing documents between several translators. Specific processes and technologies are used to control the quality in order to provide uniformity of the text and applied terminology; afterwards our technical editors edit the entire order. We provide as high of a translation quality as possible under an urgent translation request.



Our Translation Agency offers professional interpretation services from various languages of the world. Our Agency has a staff of competent translators to provide a high level of event support.


Page proofs, layout, etc.

The principal task 

here is to identify the logical structure of the text, provide comfortable reading and required proportions on the pages, corresponding to page sizes, both by height and width.

Page proofs are done with the help of the following programs:

·         Adobe Acrobat

·         Adobe Framemaker

·         Adobe Illustrator

·         Adobe InDesign

·         Adobe PageMaker

·         Adobe Photoshop

·         AutoCAD

·         Corel PHOTOPAINT

·         Corel VENTURA

·         CorelDRAW

·         Macromedia FreeHand

·         Microsoft Word

·         QuarkXPress

·         If necessary, other resources can be used.


Certificated Translation

Certificated translation is certification (assurance) of the translation by the Agency’s seal. The seal of the Perewod.RUguarantees that a given translation is done according to established quality standards. Certificated translation testifies to the effect that the translation does not change the nature of the original material.



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